Kamryn Monroe – First Tits & Tugs

First Tits & Tugs

First Tits & Tugs

"I'm gonna fuck somebody with my tits," Kamryn says excitedly when asked what she's going to do today.

Isn't it great when the sweetest-sounding girls say the naughtiest things? We love it. And we love Kamryn Monroe, which is why she's back with us, and why we couldn't be happier that she's shooting her first tits and tugs.

"I'm excited," she added. "I've never done this on-camera before. I'm expecting a lot of cum."

Smart gal. There's definitely torrents of jizz in your forecast, Kamryn. Our friend JMac lives for tit-fucking thick chicks. And Kamryn doesn't waste any time getting to work on him when he enters the scene. First, she teases JMac's cock through his jeans, and you can see her excitement when she finally pulls it out. Kamryn starts with a handjob before planting his meat firmly in the nook between her tits. JMac lays Kamryn down on the bed and goes to work himself, his cock disappearing in between her tits. When Kamryn feels him about to cum, she gets off the bed, jerks him off and ensures every drop of jizz coats her tits.

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Cassie Cougar – Fucking the big-titted MILF who’s wearing glasses

Fucking the big-titted MILF who's wearing glasses

Fucking the big-titted MILF who's wearing glasses

When this scene opens, 48-year-old mom Cassie is sitting on a desk. JMac is sitting in a chair. He's on the phone, trying to get some work done, but that's impossible when a sexy MILF like Cassie is hiking up her skirt and playing with her big tits right in front of you. So he reaches out to feel her tits, and she reaches out to hang up the phone. And away they go.

Cassie is an impressive woman. She's 5'8" with long legs and a huge rack. And she gives a loud, sloppy blow job. And she keeps her glasses on the entire scene, even when JMac is fucking her about as hard as a person can fuck a woman.

40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: Porn sex compared to regular sex...is it different?
CASSIE: It's fun. I liked it more than I expected to like it. The positions are interesting. I've learned a lot in the last 24 hours.

40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: What positions did you do that you'd never done before?
CASSIE: Like almost all of them! Even the missionary here isn't regular missionary. It's different. They position you so the camera can get your whole body and all the action.

40SOMETHINGMAG.COM: Are you flexible?
CASSIE: More than I thought I was. And then this morning when I was shooting the stills with JMac, I guess we were doing some standing doggie thing, and he had my leg on his shoulder. I didn't even know I could bend that way! I'll probably be sore tomorrow, but it was really good.

Cassie is really good.

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Alice Green – From Masturbating to Fucking

From Masturbating to Fucking

From Masturbating to Fucking

What's a girl to do when she's masturbating and a guy comes knocking on her door? Let him in and fuck him! Alice is masturbating loudly in her dorm room when the resident advisor gets suspicious and knocks. No boys or fucking allowed, but he'll make an exception for himself. Alice gets her face fucked with spit dribbling all down her chin, getting excited that she'll soon feel that thick sausage in her pussy. She gets on top and the RA has to slide his dick in slowly before working up to a steady drilling. For such a skinny girl, Alice has a nice, jiggly butt--perfect for grabbing, slapping and fingering. The RA uses her bubble butt as a cushion while fucking her from behind, then lays her down on her back for the final drilling. After being properly fucked Alice sucks the cum out of his cock!

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Simone Ray – Fancy Fantasy

Fancy Fantasy

Fancy Fantasy

Simone Ray is your fantasy mistress because she likes to dress up in expensive lingerie and put on a slow soles strip tease for your throbbing cock. She starts off rubbing her gloves all over her gams, takes one strappy heel off and then makes you wait, teasing and playing with her shoes and toes because she knows how badly you want it. You'll love the closeups of her wrinkled soles and her feet. Once she removes her shoes, the straps leave marks on her legs. She wants you to ease the sting of them with your tongue. One long and languid striptease later and she's stuffing her juicy slit with a dildo, curling her toes for you and begging you to cum on her feet. It's quite the show. Then she rubs her pussy juice all over her toes so you can lick it off. What a nice mistress, indeed.

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Barbara Angel – Angel In Chains

Angel In Chains

Angel In Chains

Barbara Angel is the baddest, bustiest mistress in town. Men go to her to be punished and made submissive to her will.

All that is about to change in an epic XXX experience.

When her slave Neeo shows up late to her fully-equipped dungeon, she digs into him for his tardiness. But Neeo is done with this charade. It's the revolt of the slave and topheavy Barbara is about to be toppled over in a dirty game that Neeo has planned.

He seizes her riding crop, seizes her big tits and has his way with her. She resists his domination of her boobs but it's too late. There is no escape. Her dungeon is now his sex workshop and Barbara is his subject. He pulls down the front of her leather bustier and gets busy manhandling those full, rich jugs.

He orders Barbara down on her knees to fill her mouth with his boner and fuck her cleavage. Barbara's mouth oozes saliva as she deepthroats and breast-sexes his stiff prick.

Bending her over a table, Neeo whips her ripe butt cheeks, licks Barbara's pussy and ass, finger-fucks her and, holding her tight, rams his cock into her hot cooch, spanking her ass with each thrust into her sweet spot. Her tits hang and quiver from this pounding. The Angel's facial expressions run the gamut from shock to outrage to resistance to pleasure as Neeo power fucks her.

Neeo releases Barbara from his dick domination only to sit her down on another table, lick her pussy and spank her big boobs again. He is far from finished having his way with the Angel of tits.

A suspension bar with shackles is mounted to the ceiling. Neeo has Barbara raise her arms so he can strap her wrists to it. Then he practices his boob bondage on her delicious natural breasts with red ropes and a pinwheel sensation toy that he runs over her areolae.

Once this little game has run its course, Barbara is brought to another table and fucked again, her pussy jammed with thrusting cock every which way. Standing, on her back, on her knees and sitting on his pole, she is powerless to deny him. The tables have turned for Barbara in her woman-cave. Now she is the slave and a tit-crazed, nasty man is her master.

Is this the wildest sex Barbara Angel has ever had in her life?

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Trinety Guess – Fat Tits, Plump Rump

Fat Tits, Plump Rump

Fat Tits, Plump Rump

Trinety has had more than a few sex-capades in her day. In fact, the H-cup hottie has had so many she proudly dubs herself a "sexual explorer." Trinety The Sexual Explorer does have a ring to it. This gal is always after a sexual adventure, and we love that about her.
"I've done threesomes," Trinety said. "That was interesting. It was with a boy and another girl. I do like sex in public places like parks and beaches. I did it in a theme park once."

We'd definitely be up for a few trips on a merry-go-round with Trinety. After some chatting, it's time for Trinety to get down and dirty. Whether it's solo or fucking, this gal always puts on an unforgettable jerk-til-you-drop show for the guys who love her.

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Sofie – Bringin’ Back a Bush Baby

Bringin' Back a Bush Baby

Bringin' Back a Bush Baby

You know that great feeling you get when you open your golf bag or an old jacket and find a couple bucks? There's nothing better then that. Well, how about finding a kick-ass video of a previously-seen smokin' hot bush baby? That might take the cake. Sofie is back with her big, beautiful bush and her dirty fucking mouth. She's telling you how to jack your cock while she fingers her wet snatch. Like we said, there's nothing better, right? What a find!

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Real After Sex Selfies

Real After Sex Selfies Pictures & Teen Naked Selfies

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Emilia Boshe – Kitchen Rack

Kitchen Rack

 Kitchen Rack

What's the great Emilia Boshe doing with a scale and a powdered sugar dispenser?

Emilia lifts her tight titty top and pulls each massive breast out of her bra. That alone is a "Eureka!" moment. Each breast is twice as big as your head. When the SCORE staff sees new Emilia photos, there's always a collective sound of astonishment.

With each big boob hanging free and easy, Emilia sprinkles the sugar on her left breast and licks it off. Then she repeats.
Washing the sweet stuff off in the kitchen sink, Emilia dries her mammary mountains off and places her right boob on the digital scale. It weighs a little over four pounds.

Emilia puts both tits on the scale, totally covering it. In fact, her tits overflow the scale. We think she broke it because it starts beeping loudly. Emilia continues her hands-on exploration, then removes her panties and rubs her clit with one hand while the other keeps busy on one tit.

Germany is home to many busenwunders. Emilia is one of them.

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Lizzy Bell – Great Performer

Great Performer

Great Performer

Lizzy does a couple of things in this video that are real turn-ons. First, she's making out with her guy. She's really going at it. That means she's enjoying herself. That makes for a good fuck film. Secondly, she cums really easily through oral. She gets off on her guy's tongue, bucking her hips and gripping the sheets. That's fucking hot. She also rides on top of the cock like it was a bronco, slamming her butt down onto that dick nice and hard. Finally, she jerks him onto her face and proceeds to clean his knob with her mouth, sucking every last drop of jizz out of his rod. She's a 19-year-old who was born to perform.

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Chloe Rose – Young & Sexy With 38E-Cups

Young & Sexy With 38E-Cups

Young & Sexy With 38E-Cups

A Texas hottie through and through, young Chloe Rose walks through the ladies' room door. Chloe is dressed casually in a striped tank top and denim shorts. She lugs a book bag. She looks like she just finished a class. Chloe barricades the door so no one else can enter. She needs privacy for what she's about to do.

Chloe checks herself out in the mirror and pulls her tank over her head to reveal a pair of big, real boobs that take your breath away. They are 38E-cups, Chloe says, and they end in very wide, dark areolae. We examine Chloe as she examines her natural twins in the mirror and the rest of her strapping, healthy body.

Chloe pulls a red, zippered, strappy top, an unusual pair of string panties with a chain and a tight white skirt out of her book bag. She squeezes into these tight, man-freezing clothes and slips her cute feet into a pair of red FM platforms. Incredible. Cloe has gone from student to club hottie in a few minutes.

The stalls are empty. Chloe walks into one and gets hands-on with her beautiful, jiggly hooters to fap her shaved pussy. There's no need for her to pull her panties to the side. They're designed for either fapping or fucking. Just like ladies' rooms.

Stay abreast of Chloe's adventures at SCORELAND. The Voluptuous coed's next step is her first XXX scene with a big-tit lovin' stud!

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