The Load Dumpers

The Load Dumpers The Load Dumpers
The Load Dumpers @
Charlie Mac is here again. I really love his cock, but I have trouble talking to him because I don't understand him when he speaks Ebonics. LOL Charlie had some surprises for me. WHile I was fucking him, he had one of his buddies come to jizz in my mouth, then another friend, and another & another & anoteer. I lost track of how many loads I took in my mouth, but it was a LOT. Thank you Charlie! You're so sweet.
The Load Dumpers The Load Dumpers
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Another Silly Cuckold With John

Another Silly Cuckold With John Another Silly Cuckold With John
Another Silly Cuckold With John @
How I was seen in public with Brad is beyond me. He's a white boy loser who isn't packing what I need in those pants of his. Since Brad loves me so much he's going to allow John E. Depth to pump my white pussy. However, it simply wouldn't be enough to let him be in the same room as us. I'm going to tie up Brad so he can't cry and walk out. Looking back it was a good idea to keep Brad blindfolded so he couldn't see Mr. Depth's black anaconda going deep inside me. The only natural light Brad got was when he was licking black cum off of my tummy. Good boy cucky, good boy.
Another Silly Cuckold With John Another Silly Cuckold With John
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Jamie Sullivan

Jamie Sullivan Jamie Sullivan
Jamie Sullivan @
Jamie's ripe for the pickings at the age of 18 years of age. Her ass and tits have gotten her a gig at a high-end strip club where white guys blow their stock money. Jamie's love of white cock is multiplied several times over when she gives up dancing in favor of an all-out interracial gang bang. The busty black slut knows that her white clients have cocks as big as their credit line; each and every white boy in the room takes turns stuffing her mouth with their Confederate cock. The mayhem goes up to the next level when that black pussy is up for the taking- and take they do! Jamie's huge tits shake and bounce as her white masters have their way with her mouth and pussy. The clan of crackers do their damage right up to the point where their spray their Dixie sauce all over her welcoming frame.
Jamie Sullivan Jamie Sullivan
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Lilith Lust, Christian XXX

Repairman, Christian WILD fumbles over his words as soon as he meets eyes with his super hot client, Lilith Lust! She's just dawdling on her couch in her see-through thongs, showing a oversize amount of cleavage. Admitting that he can't think straight when it comes to Lilith's hefty and exposed tits, she sits him down and they begin to make out. Christian slips her top off and worships Lilith's incredibly massive melons, slobbering his tongue all over her pink nipples. Then, with both hands, he spreads her pale thighs apart and laps up her lovely pink snatch. She pays him right back with a gaggy blowjob and then Christian digs his pecker up her vagina!

Lorena Sanchez, Andrew Andretti

Pretty Latina Lorena Sanchez poses and answers questions in a skimpy outfit before taking her top off to reveal her nice natural boobs. She slides her underwear off to show off her nice juicy anus, and she sits and spreads her legs to expose her bald fuckhole. She’s soon joined by Andrew, who makes out with her and gropes her body before they 69 on the couch. She sucks his hard pecker while he licks her clit. After giving him a sloppy blow job, she climbs on top to ride him reverse cowgirl. He fucks her from behind doggy-style and she lays back to take it missionary. He blows his load inside her firm vagina, and she pushes his jizz pie out.

Brittany Blaze, Mandy Hoore, Lee Stone

Mom Brittany saw an ad on Craigslist and thought it was time for her daughter Mandy to get into porn. She told her daughter that can’t work at Dunkin Donuts forever, and with the economy in the tank, they needed to pull their resources together to make enough money to survive. So rather than stuffing donuts, Mandy Hoore gets her beaver stuffed by a thick white penis while mom watches over with approval. Our man takes turns eating both ladies out before they drop to their knees and share some pecker. Mom works the meatstick while the daughter sucks the balls. Great teamwork. When they’re finally ready to get fucked, they spread em wide and take his tool so deep he nearly splits their cunts in two.

Sunshine, Suckable

These sexy babes, Suckable and Sunshine, know exactly what it takes to make them cum. They each start slow, feeling each others’ boobs and slowly stripping out of their sexy clothes. These skanks oil up each others’ asses and bounce them only before they start to devour each others’ cunts. They take turns fingering their clits and tickling their cooters before they bring out a glass dildo. They each take an end and ride that dildo hard. They can’t get enough of each other, and the toys that they use are left with their ejaculate slathered all over each one.

Alayah Sashu

Alayah Sashu Alayah Sashu
Alayah Sashu @
Here's something you don't see everyday...a half black, half Native American girl, let alone a half black, half Native American girl who is down for some gloryhole cocksucking! And here at GloryHole-Initiations we have EXACTLY that for this weeks update. This exotic goddess's name is Alayah Sashu, a name as rare and unique as her...and just wait until you see her ass, OMFG, it's also a very rare and unique find...enjoy!
Alayah Sashu Alayah Sashu

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Taboo Interracial Sex

Taboo Interracial Sex Taboo Interracial Sex
Taboo Interracial Sex @
Needless to say sucking and fucking black cock is very taboo where I'm from. The south still looks down on black dick and so do I but that's only before I drop to my knees to wrap my dixie lips around it. Today I have 2 black dicks for this white chick so it's even more naughty of me to do the things I do. Does it matter that I can't get enough black dick to satisfy my interracial lust? Does it make me proud to be the black cock whore that you're come to know and love? Is it weird that Ace and Jean Claude's black dicks equal 2 feet which I hope will be the size of the baby that will result from this? No, no, and fuck no! However, it's been a while since my ass was invaded by a huge throbbing black dong so I let Jean Claude slide right in. Those whacky Europeans love anal sex and my tight asshole was too much for his mighty cock. He unloaded a tidal wave of cum deep inside my rectum. Yeah, it was a bit of a waste since that meant I couldn't have his black baby but it felt so damn good. They fucked me so silly that I even suck off a white dick at the end. My head must have been in the clouds since that's something I swore I'd never do again!
Taboo Interracial Sex Taboo Interracial Sex

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Doctor Spring, Part 2

Doctor Spring, Part 2 Doctor Spring, Part 2
Doctor Spring, Part 2 @
Dear Members of Spring It's time for the return of your favorite sex therapist, Dr. Spring. I must confess, this isn't Spring. It's her best friend...see, Spring is a little shaken up right now. So much so she wasn't able to write this week's description of her scene. This is a shame, cause it's something she loves to do. Really, it is. See, this week she brought in a couple for some intense therapy, and things went well...until the end. I can't really say more than that. You'll need to watch the scene in order to fully understand Spring's aguish. It's so terrible, so tragic, words cannot adequatley describe what went wrong. So there ya go. Ms. Thomas will be back next week, ready to write. Promise.
Doctor Spring, Part 2 Doctor Spring, Part 2
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