Ellie Roe – Brickhouse Brit

Brickhouse Brit

Brickhouse Brit

Welcome back to XL Girls, Ellie Roe, gorgeous hottie with a body. An English girl from Essex, a county northeast of London, Ellie is poured into a sexy and tight black corset and pink undies as this spank-show begins. That comes off fast in this show so we can enjoy every inch of her creamy figure and supple skin while she enjoys her big boobs and toys her tight pussy. Adding to the excitement is Ellie's very sexy voice flavored by her English accent.

"I was a D-cup at 13 years old," said Ellie. "I can buy brassieres off the rack and I like plunge lacey bras that show lots of cleavage best. Even in a tee-shirt, my breasts are obvious. If a girl has good boobs, flaunt them. I like to draw attention."

Ellie's hobbies include singing, going for walks, writing erotic books, shopping and singing. Erotic books? No wonder she's so smooth making sexy talk in her shows. "I don't play any sports but I love watching WWE wrestling," Ellie adds.

Check out our interview with Ellie in the Bonus vid "Tit Talk."

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P-Chan – New Name Same Huge Tits

New Name Same Huge Tits

New Name Same Huge Tits

This girl will be familiar to some big-boob guys, especially mavens of the Japanese scene. The sheer size and shape of her tits are astonishing. She's uber-famous in her homeland but when we were given the chance to be the first westerners to feature her (November '15 Voluptuous and February '16 SCORE), there was a stipulation.

The name that she used in the past is history and now she is to be known as P-Chan. As the title of this scene reads, "New Name, Same Huge Tits." What's in a name anyway? "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet," said Juliet.

"I learned about SCORE from a friend," says P-Chan. In her first SCORELAND video, P-Chan welcomes us into the tub with her, showers off (time for some tits on glass while doing so) and then dresses to leave, stretching a SCORE tee-shirt we shipped over to Tokyo.

Says P-Chan, "My birthplace is Earth, Asia, Japan, Tokyo! In my spare time, I watch horror movies and eat." P-Chan has traveled to China, Indonesia, Thailand and America. We hope one day she will visit the SCORE offices.

Please welcome the busty legend of Japan to SCORELAND.

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Emma Ryder – Sweet tooth

Sweet tooth

Sweet tooth

Emma has a sweet tooth and orders a sugary drink whenever she visits her local coffee shop. But what she really wants is to get a taste of the barista's sweet cum. He puts whipped cream on his cock to tempt Emma; not that he needs to--she's happy to blow him, cream or no cream. He looks almost ready to blow as Emma sucks him on her knees, but she wants to get her pussy serviced before swallowing his load. They get on the couch for a steamy fuck, alternating between slow and hot to fast and hard. After sliding in and out of her tight pussy as she's lying sideways, the barista gives Emma the cream she's been craving.

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Valentina Rosario – Valentina’s first fuck film

Valentina's first fuck film

Valentina's first fuck film

"I'm gonna fuck him and blow him and whatever else he wants me to do to him," 49-year-old divorcee and mom Valentina Rosario said when we asked her what she's going to do with JMac.

She's also going to suck his cock while being interviewed. And she's going to have him cum on her pretty Latina face.

Valentina, who got divorced three years ago, usually doesn't have sex with men as young as JMac. He's 30. But she made an exception because 1.) She really didn't know who she was going to have sex with when she showed up at our studio and had signed up for the MILF First-timer Plan; and 2.) She likes big cocks.

For example, at home, Valentina has a rubber, double-header dildo that's 18 inches long. She fucks her pussy and ass at the same time with it. And when she doesn't want to get DP'd by her toy, she uses a nine-inch vibrator on her pussy.

By the way, Valentina says her kids aren't much younger than JMac.

She was born in Cuba. She lives in South Florida. She doesn't sleep around, but she says that on a scale of one to 10, her sexuality is a 12.

Notice how Valentina is into big numbers. And now a big number is going to get into her.

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Sheridan Love – The Sheridan Love Workout

The Sheridan Love Workout

The Sheridan Love Workout

The Sheridan Love Workout video is here. Watch one of your favorite SCORE Covergirls train under the Florida sky. Make sure to work both sides of your body or you'll wind up with one overdeveloped "Popeye" arm. Sheridan doused her naked bod with a water bottle because this baby was getting overheated from her outdoor exercises.

After her workout, Sheridan heads indoors to use the latest in high-tech training equipment. It's a big toy with a suction cup, not the kind of fitness gear sold on TV. Sheridan's moves are hot and horny, and the standout moment could be when she sticks it on the mirrored wall and backs into it to go deep. True pussy magic.

"I like both long and thick toys but thick is my fav. I love the feeling of my pussy being stretched and full," says Sheridan (November '15 SCORE), whose month-long hardcore SCORELAND special was the result of years of fans begging to see her do the deed.

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Genie Onyx – Little Fuck-doll

Little Fuck-doll

Little Fuck-doll

What a little fuck-doll Genie Onyx is! She's a little pixie at only 4'10" tall so she wears big fuck shoes to compensate. But look beyond her height and notice how shapely and defined her sexy legs are. She must spend hours keeping them in perfect shape. She has the legs of a ballerina. In this video, Genie shows off her pins for the Leg Sex camera, tightening each muscle so you can study them. She removes her do-me shoes and exposes her tiny, pretty feet. How many guys have doused her precious peds with their ball-batter? "A lot!" says Genie. "My boyfriends have spent hours on my legs and feet. They love to suck and lick my toes and they always ask me to walk back and forth in high-heels while they lay back and play with their cocks. Because I'm so short and light, most of them can pick me up and have sex with me in the most exciting positions!"

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Nadia Jay

Nadia Jay Nadia Jay
Nadia Jay @ CumBang.com
Turn your head and cough. I'm sure you've heard that one before. I bet you haven't lined up in a room with a bunch of other men. These poor guys work for one of the cheapest corporations of all time; in fact, it's so cheap, they're conducting physicals on 8 men at a time to make it "cost effective". Another cost-cutting procedure includes hiring a physician's assistant take care of anything that doesn't require a doctor. Some of Nadia Jay's responsibilities today include taking blood pressure, weigh-in's, and temperatures. She'll need to perform the simple hernia exam, too, which is where things go awry. Soon there's 8 big, white cocks inches near her face, and they're erect and ready to give semen samples, too! Even though it's not part of today's exam, Nadia will accept all 8 samples -- all over her pretty face.
Nadia Jay Nadia Jay
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Brooklyn Chase

Brooklyn Chase Brooklyn Chase
Brooklyn Chase @ CuckoldSessions.com
Brooklyn Chase loves her hubby very much, but a girl has needs, and Brooklyn's are generally big and black. Hubby's rule is as follows: as long as he can watch, the dudes are big, and they're black, then he's ok with Brooklyn being dicked down. He gets a little nervous when Brooklyn is hooking up with "randoms" on line, and Hubby can get really nervous when Brooklyn drags him to sketchy neighborhoods to help secure her "Bulls". Once back home, safe and sound, Hubby takes delight watching his lady being pleasured, and today's his lucky day! Sloppy seconds! Cause there ain't nothing better than fucking a very fresh creampie, unless, maybe, it's watching your wife taking a big facial from the other Bull.
Brooklyn Chase Brooklyn Chase
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Porn Star Wife’s Pussy

Valentina Nappi is a porn star. That term is often tossed around loosely, but not when it concerns Ms. Nappi. Valentina’s an Italian sexual dynamo. Her big, phat ass matches her big, all-natural tits. Take one look at her beautifully trimmed pussy, then realize it’s as tight as it is pink and wet. Take a look at her other superb scenes across The Dogfart Network: most recently, it as an 11-man gang bang over at Moe’s new strip joint; Valentina’s first appearance at Blacks On Blondes was a D.P. that left members speechless; she’s as great a cuckoldress as she is taking on 11 black bulls using only her mouth to get them all off. The icing on the cake? Today it’s Valentina versus Mandingo. Mandingo. Perhaps the most well-endowed male performer ever to step foot in Porn Valley, and you’re about to witness Valentina take Mandingo up her tight asshole. Dingo opens up her pussy until it gapes, and he’s going to do the same thing to her ass. You’ll be shouting “bellissima!” after this one’s all said and done.

Kitty McPherson – Wonder Kitty

Wonder Kitty

Wonder Kitty

Hello, Kitty! Ready for Comic Con or to motorboat some evil mastermind, Kitty McPherson reveals her super powers in full super costume. Of course, if you've been enjoying Kitty at XL Girls, you've already seen her orgasmic skills and talents, the power to create rigid erections and to get guys to give up their man-sauce faster than a speeding bullet.

What hush-hush juicy details will Kitty reveal about herself without giving up her secret identity?

"Believe it or not, I don't like being eaten out," says Kitty. I like being fingered. I like giving oral more than receiving. I fucked a guy with a strap-on. I identify as queer. I'm attracted to people of all genders. I've had sex with girls. I don't think of it as different from sex with guys. I have a bit of a gang bang fantasy. And I'd like to have my own sex slave."

The Amazing Kitty Girl's tits, ass and wet pussy show in a bedroom (phone booths are hard to find these days) will blow your tights clean off.

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Wifes Pussy and Ass Fucked

Alura Jenson is sexually unsatisfied. Hubby’s a workaholic, and when he is home, he’s still at work. This leaves Alura to lounge around the pool all day, usually tanning topless. She loves sitting in the backyard, half-naked, in plain view of the neighbors…or the workmen Hubby hires to maintain the property and the pool. Hubby’s at a convention across the country, and Alura knows the pool man is scheduled today. She went out and got her make-up and hair done, bought a new bikini, and is in the middle of oiling up her beautiful, enhanced DD’s when pool man comes to let her know everything’s in order. Everything, that is, except Alura’s wet pussy, which has been aching for action. Did we mention the pool man is black? Or that he’s hung like a horse? Or that Alura wants to push her boundaries and let pool man in her pussy and ass?

Alyssa Lynn – How Strippers Keep House

How Strippers Keep House

How Strippers Keep House

Buxom exotic dancer and porn star Alyssa Lynn likes to keep a tidy house. Here we see her hard at work vacuuming and cleaning the living room. With 90 seconds of good housekeeping under her garter belt, Alyssa is now eager to show why she's invited all of us here and that's to watch her finger-bang the fuck out of her pussy on the living room couch. That cocktail is tasty but Alyssa savors the taste of her slippery snatch off her wet fingers even more.

What else does Alyssa savor?

Says Alyssa, "Cum. It's very unladylike to spit. You swallow, ladies. Men love it. I love it." Before Alyssa even started doing XXX scenes, she was getting compliments about her blow jobs. "I thought I wasn't doing anything different than any other girls does. I just enjoy giving oral. It's just the pleasure of seeing a guy get off." Since her first hardcore hook-up at SCORELAND, Alyssa's even more dedicated to blow jobs. Practice makes perfect.

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