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The Ukraine has lost one of its own, but we’re going to use that to our advantage. Ivana Sugar needs and wants an American husband in order to fulfill her dream of living in the Continental United States. For every problem, there’s a solution. Rico Strong and Shane Diesel offer to help but have to test drive the goods before committing to anything serious. Ivana Sugar sucks on both black thugs and she’s well on her way to becoming a citizen of this country. Rico and Shane takes turns treating her face to both of their black cocks and she’s about to forget exactly where she came from. In fact, she’s now coming from her pussy, as her ass is occupied by the other black swordsman. Ivana’s wife pussy is the only passport each ghetto banger needs to puncture her uterus and colon lining at the same time. The welcome wagon comes full circle when Rico and Shane hold nothing back as they nail her face with stuff that’s as American as apple pie: Black jizz for her consumption. Black cock sluts like Ivana Sugar need not look any further that their local ghetto for guys willing to make her a permanent citizen.

Jade Nile

Jade Nile Jade Nile
Jade Nile @
You gotta love living in today's age of technology. Everything's easier -- especially finding ways to get laid. Whether you're a bachelor, like Prince Yashua, or a cheater, like Jade Nile, finding someone to bang using apps and websites is a piece of cake. Well...sometimes. Prince has been "catfished" so many times, he's now skeptical of anyone's profile. Jade Nile just caught her dude cheating, and she's on the warpath! But is she? Once back at her apartment, Jade gets cold feet. She reluctantly agrees to a blowjob, just to be nice...and not give her new friend blue balls. Then, her phone rings. Bad news! Turns out Jade's boyfriend has more than one notch on his belt, which means one thing: Jade's revenge will now be complete.
Jade Nile Jade Nile
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She might start off in a pair of overalls, but this ho-bag ends up wearing almost nothing after she loses everything but a pair of firm-fitting, cooche-clinging polka-dot panties that are wedged so far up her vag, she's got a beautiful little toe showing! What this nasty starlet loves is to get her vagina licked while her firm thong is stuffed up inside her, and once she's fully turned on, she can't wait to swallow a hard shaft and get her hot hole pounded into submission!


Busty Nikki goes topless in the back yard with her work boots on

Lisa – It’s All Coming Off

It's All Coming Off

It's All Coming Off

Legs. Pits. Pussy. Lisa is shaving off all of her body hair. She has an impressive bush at the beginning of this video, but the video ends with her completely smooth and hairless. Now she wants to know which you guys prefer.

She's not had a bald cunt in a long time. Her pubes used to be long enough to run your fingers through. Too bad she decided to take the scissors to them instead.

Be sure to check out the pictures we're posting today, too. She's completely smooth, lotioned and her meaty, tasty pussy is just begging to get fucked.

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Vanessa Y. – Hooked On Vanessa Y.

Hooked On Vanessa Y.

Hooked On Vanessa Y.

It's Vanessa Y. as we've never seen her before in a fantasy role-playing scene. This could be the hottest thing she's done to date. Vanessa's been the good girl since she started posing for SCORE and Voluptuous. Now she's the "Pretty Woman" looking for "Pretty Woman" action. Sometimes a good girl wants to be a bad girl. Some things never change.

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. We can't blame her for trying to pay her bills. She's not going to start a fundraising website and beg guys to donate over the web. No, Vanessa is a take-charge kind of lady (of the evening).

As you drive down the boulevard heading to a bar and hoping to find a friend for the night, you realize that it's a lot of work hooking up and you might leave alone after spending hours hanging out. Why not cut to the chase? Call it an impulse buy. But she's got to be the right girl. Someone special.

Just then you see her. Long black boots. Black leather miniskirt. A tight belly shirt that turns her big natural tits into big rounded mounds of mouthwatering cleavage. You pull over. She leans into your open window and sticks her tits out. "Want to take me home?" she asks with a smile. It's cold for this pretty woman to be out there on the mean streets pounding the pavement. It takes more than a pretty face and big tits to get through the night. She has goodies you've never dreamed of.

Vanessa gets into the car. You look down. Holy hole, there's a hole in the crotch of her leggings and her bushy pussy is in full view! Vanessa wants to leave and head to your place. Once she gets there, she whets your appetite even more, spreading her legs wide to show you the muffin that awaits your cock and the big jugs that await your cum-load.

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Lisa – She’s Shaving Soon!

She's Shaving Soon!

She's Shaving Soon!

You're making Lisa horny. She looks you right in your eyes and tells you that you're a "naughty, naughty boy." She's got a surprise for you down below. You told her that you love a furry cunt, so she's grown her silky smooth pubes out to please you. Now Lisa wants you to watch and jerk your cock while she fingers her meaty, hairy cunt for you.

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Jordan Pryce – Sex In The Pink

Sex In The Pink

Sex In The Pink

Russian sex is a slang term for tit-fucking. Word scholars don't know its origin but Russian bra-buster Jordan Pryce loves doing it.

"Moisturizer for my boobs," says Jordan (August '15 SCORE), fingering the splooge Tom has deposited on her big Russian tits after they have a noisy, fast-paced fuck in "Sex In The Pink." She lifts her tits up to lick them.

Additional highlights in this video:

Jordan getting face-fucked while she's kneeling over him, her naked tits dangling over him.

Tom standing as Jordan kneels and sucks him off hands-free after he fucks her tits.

Jordan patting her clit while she's in a reverse-cowgirl and leaning back.

"I like boob fucking," says Jordan. "I like when a man sticks his cock between my boobs. I like when he sucks my nipples while he's fucking me. I also like when he is fucking my boobs and I can suck his cock, too. I love making love to the cock. Some girls just suck the cock like it is a chore. I caress it with my mouth, and I always pay a lot of attention to the balls. I like to get them in my mouth and get them nice and wet. I like to make a man's cock all sticky with my saliva and then let it drip onto my big tits. They always gets the man excited. Sometimes men cum in my mouth before they have had the chance to fuck my pussy. But that's okay. Then they can eat my pussy and I will cum anyway."

Jordan is boob-centric. She's devoted to her tits. "They're sensitive, especially my nipples. I can give myself pleasure every time by playing with my nipples and rubbing my pussy, sometimes just by rubbing my nipples. Sometimes I will be out in public and I will find myself touching my nipples. People will be staring, and I will be like, 'Ooops!'"

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Honey White

This model has some nice breasts, but that's not what these boys are looking for-they require to see some vagina, and more specifically, they require some thong wedged up inside her vagina lips! After outfitting her with the appropriate attire, this starlet gets her booty and her cunt lubed up and banged hard! With her vag thoroughly pounded and plundered, this bitch is ready for a large whopping glob of goop all over her face!

Holly Halston – Secrets Of A Soccer Mom

Secrets Of A Soccer Mom

Secrets Of A Soccer Mom

Holly Halston is one of the all-time nastiest, dirty-mouthed, busty MILFS in the history of porn. Her stacked little body is tight and toned. In this scene, shot in your point of view, she comes out of the surf looking very sexy, strips off her suit and lies down on the beach blanket. She needs a hand to apply suntan oil. You'll do. The people at the beach watching her off-camera were glued to her every move until she and the crew left.

You and Holly return to the house so you can fuck her brains out. Holly's dick slurping is always fun to watch. Her experienced butthole grips your fuckin' dick as her butt is ravished. So does her tight mommy pussy. Few can talk as filthy during sex as Holly, a dirty bitch with the mouth and tongue of a whore. She's proud of it.

Holly fucks hard and likes it hard and rough because she is into it. After you drain your hose on her asscrack, she wipes the cum with her finger and licks it, wipes her butthole with a finger and sticks it in her mouth. There's none of this, "I don't do this, I don't do that" from her. That's why there was only one big-titted porn-slut in the world who could properly teach Christy Marks about ass-fucking some years ago: Holly Halston. That's why a DVD called My Wife Your Meat just starring Holly was made.

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Virgo Peridot – Round of Applause

Round of Applause

Round of Applause

"So what are you going to do to me?" Virgo Peridot asks as our scene opens.

Oh, you can't ask guys like us questions like that. There's a laundry list of dirty things we would do to girls who look like this. And our boy Stallion is about to run down that list today. He starts with a nice, firm slap on Virgo's ass--which is so phat it takes a few moments for it to stop jiggling.

"Come on, girl," Stallion responds. "I'll show you."

Virgo and Stallion move over to the couch and Virgo begins to make her ass clap. Though, clapping may not be the best way to describe it. When Virgo makes her ass clap, it sounds like a round of applause.

"You like that ass?" she asks as she pops her vanilla apple bottom.

This girl is blessed. And Stallion is one lucky dude.

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