Mischel Lee – Hairy Pussy, Big Tits & Hot Sex

Hairy Pussy, Big Tits & Hot Sex

Hairy Pussy, Big Tits & Hot Sex

"Miss Lee is a beautiful woman and a delight to observe in the act of intercourse. Her pubic hair is a refreshing change from the normally shaved maidenheads."-gtgerman

That was one observation about Mischel Lee in "Deep In The Bush" as she was getting the works from Tom. The green-eyed brunette with a thick patch of fur covering her hot pocket now returns with new booty-call buddy Joshua in "Hairy Pussy, Big Tits & Hot Sex."

Mischel wears a black fishnet dress over her yellow bra and panties. This is something a hot chick wears either in the bedroom or at a club. Hooking up at this club gets her a little more excited than fucking in a bedroom. They find a comfy couch to get cozy. She gets orgasmic at the touch of his hands all over her trim body. Lifting her dress and moving her panties to the side to feel her hairy hoo-ha, Joshua's fingers probe and fondle her angel wings and love button.

Mischel offers her bra-encased big tits for Joshua to savor. She lowers the cups so he can bury his face in her cleavage space. A go-getter, Mischel gets busy undressing Joshua. She doesn't see the purpose in waiting. She teasingly rubs her jutting tits while he drops trou, and when jack-in-the-box pops out, she immediately takes it in her hand and pulls on it, making it stiffer.

Sitting on the footrest of the couch, Mischel gets a lip-lock on his cock and plays a nice tune on the skin flute. Standing up, she jacks him a few more times before sitting back and spreading her legs wide so he can tongue and touch her wooly muff which sends tingling waves of pleasure through her sexy body.

Joshua wants to penis-poke her cleavage canal before he shoehorns his bloated shaft into Mischel's curly cunt. She sits on the foot rest again and cups her tits for his boob banger.

Standing up and turning around to show Joshua her tight butt, Mischel bends forward, one knee on the couch. She doesn't need to mail him an invitation to get him to start fucking her from behind, the first of several juicy positions they will enjoy this evening.

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Lillith Adams – Hula-Hoop Hussy

Hula-Hoop Hussy

Hula-Hoop Hussy

Lillith is an excellent hula-hooper. She even participates in carnivals where she lights the hoops on fire! We asked her to give us a little show and to teach our stud Juan how to spin the hula like she does. Here's what we found out: Juan sucks at hula-hooping. You know what he's good at, though? Fucking girls' faces and pussies with his big dick and making them beg for cum.

When Juan couldn't make that toy work, he decided to make Lillith, the 19-year-old beauty from New Albany, Indiana, into his fuck toy. He puts her on her back and fucks her face! Then he gets her doggie-style and makes her beg for his cum.

He's a man of singular talents, but that's okay.

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Kamille Amora – That’s Amora

That's Amora

That's Amora

Kamille Amora's body is mouth-watering. Her tits in particular. Our friend Tony DeSergio is giving them the attention they deserve in Kamille's latest scene. We haven't seen Kamille any hotter than she is right now. She's moaning like she's already fucking, and we're just getting started. This may end up being her hottest fuck yet. Which is saying a lot because Kamille is one of the hottest fucks of the past year or so.

Tony is taking his time with this one, though. He's being forceful, yet deliberate as he fingers her cunt while sucking on her tit. Not a movement wasted, and Kamille is getting hotter and wetter by the second. Kamille's no slouch either, as you all know. She returns the favor with a sloppy blowjob and a tit fuck with her I-cup knockers.

When Tony finally stuffs his cock inside of her, these two couldn't be more ready for a fuck. The slightest touch from Tony appears to be enough to push her to a climax, and each stroke into her pussy sends her into rapture. Tony fucks her from the side, doggystyle, reverse cowgirl and missionary.

"Fuck this pussy!" Kamille screams as she rides Tony. "Cum on these titties!"

Tony coats her perfect mams with a hot layer of jizz.

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Mia Khalifa – Graduating Summa Cum Loud

Graduating Summa Cum Loud

Graduating Summa Cum Loud

No one could have predicted what would happen when Mia decided to leave her boring, low-paying job at the now famous but unnamed burger joint and shoot for SCORE. Mia became the most talked and written about adult model in the world. And the world's most well-known fan of the Seminoles football team of Florida State University. As of this posting, Mia has over 377,000 Twitter followers!

No one has ever seen anything like this. It's unbelievable. Mia has been written up in CNN, Newsweek, USA Today, NBC, the New York Post, the Washington Post, Billboard, Salon (whose writer made a huge error by reporting that she is Muslim when is Catholic), the Chicago-Sun Times, the BBC (no, not the "big black cock") and dozens more media services.

SCORE talked to Mia about how her life has radically changed. She still underestimates herself but we're working on that.

SCORE: I know you say you don't regret it, but what if back in October, when I [SCORE editor Dave] saw you in the parking lot and Gil approached you at the hamburger restaurant and you came to our table, we had said, "Mia, you can do this, but here's what's going to happen." And it's exactly what has happened. Would you have done it anyway?

MIA: No. No. I wouldn't have. And I say that because I made the decision to do porn consciously. I knew the repercussions, and I was ready to deal with any backlash I would get from family and friends who found out about it. I wasn't prepared for all of this, but I still consciously made that decision knowing there would be backlash and consequences, so I have to deal with them now one at a time. I can't self-pity because I said yes to this. I wanted to do this. But having it all laid out in front of me and being told exactly what would happen, I don't think so.

SCORE: And who knows what will happen now. I can tell you don't think this way, but how big can you become?

MIA: I do porn. You can't really get that big.

SCORE: You could become Jenna Jameson big.

MIA: Oh, no. That's legendary big. I can't get there.

SCORE: Because...

MIA: I don't know. I just don't think I have the porn skills for it. She's very talented.

SCORE: You haven't watched yourself, have you?

MIA: No, never.

SCORE: You haven't?

MIA: Never.


MIA: I've seen the trailers, but even that, I have to stop halfway.

SCORE: How come?

MIA: I just can't. It makes me turn so red that my cheeks start to burn and my body temperature rises. If we take a picture on-set, unless it's a silly picture and I want to see how it turned out, I can't even look at it.

SCORE: But you post photos on Twitter.

MIA: Of course. People send me pictures and I'll re-Tweet them so my fans can see them. I've seen those, and I've seen GIFs that people send me on Twitter, but I've never seen an entire scene or even a quarter of a scene.

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Stacy Love – Staying In

Staying In

Staying In

It's Friday, the start of the weekend, so most guys are thinking about heading out to whatever club or party is allegedly jumpin' to kick off their weekend. Clearly, those guys don't have a girl like Stacy Love chillin' in their bedrooms. Because if they did, they'd want to stay in for the night. And sleep in the next morning, too. Stacy's feeling extra-horny right now and she wants some attention.

"I want you to play with my ass," she says with her cheeks poking out of her jeans.

The club may be jumpin' right now, but not as much as the bulge in our pants did when Stacy said that in her cute and sultry voice. Our boy Tony is just the man for this job. He starts with a little ass worship before these two really begin to enjoy their hot night in. Tony bangs this bad, chocolate-skinned bitch every which way before spraying his hot load all over her buns.

When you've got a chick like Stacy, you stay in every night.

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Annina – German Superstar Loves To Be Ass-fucked

German Superstar Loves To Be Ass-fucked

German Superstar Loves To Be Ass-fucked

Many say that super-sexy Annina is the hottest, wildest, nastiest (in a good way) big-boobed porn star in Germany. SCORE first met and photographed German porn superstar Annina in Berlin.

Her credits include ten SCORE magazines. The record for appearances by a German is held by Chloe Vevrier followed by Julia Miles, but they had posed for years while Annina's first mag was May 2008.

"It was a pleasure for me," said Annina about being part of the SCORE team. "I couldn't believe it when I saw the first magazine. It's very great. A lot of my fans in Germany sent me the magazine and asked me to sign the cover. They were very excited and glad to see me on the cover. It is a big deal to be on the cover of SCORE if you have big boobs."

Annina hooked up with SCORE in the Caribbean to enjoy two men ravaging her butthole and fucking her tits, mouth and cunt in several videos. She loves anal. Loves it. This hard-pounding encounter takes place in the kitchen with JMac. Annina really knows how to grind the cock with her cunt and her anus.

Annina is very spontaneous about sex. However, she's not just another porn star in it for the Euros and the fame and the fans. She's a genuine human sex doll who's always hot for fucking and she loves double penetration. We interviewed Annina at SCORE in person before she flew out of Miami to shoot this scene. Impressive on-film, she's even more impressive live and in person.

"I do not like to plan sex. For example, I might go shopping today on South Beach and meet a man who I want to have sex with. Then I will just do it. It will not be like, 'Oh, today I am going to have sex with this man.' It is more like, 'I wonder if I will meet a man and have sex today,' and when it happens, it is much more exciting. In cars. On boats. Not all the time in bed, and I like it outside. If it happens, it happens. Without a plan. Sometimes I want to have sex and I am not in a bedroom. Then you just have to have it right there, wherever you are."

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Facebook Nude Photos

Facebook Nude Photos & Real YouTube Porn Videos.

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Ciara – Dreams cum true in Ciara Blue

Dreams cum true in Ciara Blue

Dreams cum true in Ciara Blue

One of the wonderful things about being the editor of 50PlusMILFs.com is the opportunity it presents to change people's lives. How many times in your life do you really get the chance to make an impact on another person, to help them do something they've always dreamed of doing or to help them find the other person inside of them...the person just waiting to get out?

"I used to be a typical soccer mom, but I wanted to try something new," said Ciara, a 54-year-old wife and mom from Florida who, in this scene, is going to get a creampie. "Shooting with you guys the first time is what really got the ball rolling as far as my new life is concerned. I've always been a very sexual person. Even when I was married, I had a great sex life, fucking twice a day. But now that I'm unattached, I get to enjoy things that I never was able to before. I can have sex in front of a camera--and off it--with all kinds of beautiful men and women. I've had the pleasure of having group sex in a hot tub in Jamaica. I've gone hole-to-hole on a golf course, if you know what I mean. I really had a sexual awakening at 50. It was like being reborn!"

We're glad we could help, Ciara. Now go suck and fuck that dick!

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Suzumi Wilder – Back in Black 2

Back in Black 2

Back in Black 2

Suzumi Wilder is down to get down to her birthday suit and cream her entire body with white lotion. Hands squeeze her big jugs and fingers fap her young pussy. It's a messy cumshow and it's hot.

44DDD Suzumi shared dressing room space one day with over-60, busty GILF Sally D'Angelo. She looked at Sally with awe. Hot modeling is no longer the domain of only young women. It was a vivid contrast.

"I love to play video games, maybe way too much," said Suzumi, a college babe with a double major in biology and art. "I play lots of World of Warcraft and Wildstar." We asked if she likes those P.O.V. shooter games. She said she's more fantasy oriented in her gaming. Too bad they don't make busty big girl games. They could make a character using Suzumi as their inspiration. Eventually Suzumi wants to work in the gaming industry.

Suzumi is really open about sex and open to a lot of horny ideas. Her very first scene at XL Girls ("Grand Theft Anal") was getting fucked in her ass by hung Rocky. The blonde cutie-pie likes anal a lot, something we'll talk about at a future date. Suzumi watches a lot of porn when she has the time, something many models between 18 and 30 do these days, mostly because of the Internet and porn going mainstream in some ways. Girls don't have to walk into adult stores and rent videos to see naked people and couples and groups doing the dirty like an earlier generation had to. Too bad for the male customers.

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Sha Rizel – Busty Covergirl

Busty Covergirl

Busty Covergirl

Sha Rizel is back and looking lovelier than ever. She's the covergirl of March '15 SCORE magazine, Sha's fourth "big" cover. A reader wrote, "Is it me or does Sha Rizel look like a bustier version of Megan Fox?" Maybe so but when you think about Sha, you think Sha, and not anyone else.

"My breasts began to get very big at 17, 18 years old. It happened very suddenly. They seem to get bigger every two months and they're still growing. Every time I buy a bra, it quickly becomes too small on me. They are still growing even now."

"I work out every day. I lift weights and I do exercises for my ass. I love to cook and invite friends over for dinner parties. I love to cultivate plants and flowers. It is a great interest of mine. I began this when I was 17 years old. I also like to shoot pistols."

"Sha is such a beautiful woman that I can't help admiring every aspect of her. It's nice that she is aware of her beauty and proud to share it with all of us."- gtgerman

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Kamryn Monroe – First Tits & Tugs

First Tits & Tugs

First Tits & Tugs

"I'm gonna fuck somebody with my tits," Kamryn says excitedly when asked what she's going to do today.

Isn't it great when the sweetest-sounding girls say the naughtiest things? We love it. And we love Kamryn Monroe, which is why she's back with us, and why we couldn't be happier that she's shooting her first tits and tugs.

"I'm excited," she added. "I've never done this on-camera before. I'm expecting a lot of cum."

Smart gal. There's definitely torrents of jizz in your forecast, Kamryn. Our friend JMac lives for tit-fucking thick chicks. And Kamryn doesn't waste any time getting to work on him when he enters the scene. First, she teases JMac's cock through his jeans, and you can see her excitement when she finally pulls it out. Kamryn starts with a handjob before planting his meat firmly in the nook between her tits. JMac lays Kamryn down on the bed and goes to work himself, his cock disappearing in between her tits. When Kamryn feels him about to cum, she gets off the bed, jerks him off and ensures every drop of jizz coats her tits.

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