Aurora Rose

Aurora Rose Aurora Rose
Aurora Rose @
Aurora Rose wishes to hear the pitter-patter of little feet running around her house. The issue? Well, Aurora's boyfriend, Zach, just can't seem to knock her up. Aurora is confiding in Zach's best friend,Jovan,about the dilemma and she finally convinces him to give her a baby. Aurora's cheating heart takes aback seat to her need for black seed. Jovan's big black cock finds its way into the mouth of his best friend's girl. Aurora's got the perfect candidate to have a baby with and his meaty slab is blowing up her taste buds. Aurora's boyfriend has no idea that his best friend's black dick is currently occupying space that's normally reserved for him. Jovan Jordan fucks the unfaithful and busty slut until she begs him for that desired creampie. However, Jovan can't do his boy wrong and coats Aurora's face with an enormous amount of ghetto goo. After all, we suppose it really is "bros before hose."
Aurora Rose Aurora Rose
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Lefty And The Load Dumpers

Lefty And The Load Dumpers Lefty And The Load Dumpers
Lefty And The Load Dumpers @
Do you guys know what a load dumper is? Well even if you do, I have to tell the fans who don't. A load dumper is a dude who doesn't get to have sex with me, but still gets to cum on me. In this scene there are sooo many load dumpers it gets crazy. You will get it when you get to the end of the scene. There were like 4 dudes that got to cum on me. I freaked out a little cause some got into my eyes and that burns really bad. I tried to wipe it off but everyone yelled at me, so I had to just sit there and deal with the burning eye. I hate when it gets in my eyes, I hope you like watching it though.
Lefty And The Load Dumpers Lefty And The Load Dumpers
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Holly Michaels

Holly Michaels Holly Michaels
Holly Michaels @
There are times when we know that the white whore in our presence is going to go above and beyond the call of duty. Holly Michaels is just that girl. Holly went online and, after instant messaging her girlfriends, was informed of this glory hole where her friends went to do awful things. There was no turning back for Holly once she made up her mind that the glory hole is where she wanted to be. Holly ditched her white boyfriend and hopped, skipped and jumped to the adult book store for an encounter she'd never forget. The interracial porn on display got get pussy wet, but not completely soaked. Holly's surroundings gave her the courage to get naked and rub her body from those great tits to that dripping pussy. The real fun came when an anonymous black cock entered the party and Holly was down for some fun. holly Michael's washed that black cock with her mouth as her fingers rubbed that soaked love button. Holly threw caution to the wind as she sucked on that lucky black man's fingers before she face fucked herself on that enormous black dick. Holly's time in the booth reached a new level of sickness as she backed her ass on the wall. The condom in her purse? It was never used since it's reserved only for her white boyfriend (who never gets to feel her RAW), but she let the black stranger go bareback for this rare experience. Holly's love for that black cock saw her pussy nearly get town apart by the anonymous black cock. The only rest her pussy got was when she got on her knees and prayed for a huge load of black gravy. Needless to say, those prayer were answered.
Holly Michaels Holly Michaels
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Catalina Taylor

Catalina Taylor Catalina Taylor
Catalina Taylor @
The public restroom wasn't meant for young girls to participate in vile, filthy sex. It was meant for private moments but this restroom isn't a normal one. Catalina Taylor looks like your sister's best friend. You know, the one you'd fuck in a second! This afternoon she's going to freshen up and sucking and fucking a white dick is the last thing on her mind. As she gets comfortable a gigantic white dick makes her acquaintance and we're soon off to an interracial encounter of mammoth proportions. Safety is on Catalina's mind as she inspects the white cock moments before getting her knees dirty as she stuffs him down her mouth. She's lucky that nobody else at that same moment needed to use the restroom or her party would have ended prematurely. Her dick sucking talent is phenomenal and his white dick glistens in the light thanks to her mouth juices that have coated it. Her firm black ass bends over nicely as taking big white dick is a must for this ebony beauty. Her perfect fat titties sway all around as her black slit takes all of what white boy has to offer. It isn't much longer before her hands jerk the cracker cock until it sprays her face with goo.
Catalina Taylor Catalina Taylor

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G String

Nikki Sims wearing a lace nighty and a g string bent over on the bed

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals Stuffed Animals
Stuffed Animals @
What does Thursday mean to you? Maybe it's almost Friday...which means it's almost the weekend...which means no work till Monday?!? Or perhaps Thursday means it's the day past hump-day, and that's about all. Or maybe it Thursday means it's time to run home after work...before your wife gets hime...before your girlfriend gets back from you can get to your computer, type in your secret password, and see me naked! Cause you know there's gonna be another softcore set up, and maybe you can pound one out of your dick and clean the mess up before your gal walks in and you have to turn off your comp. and go pay attention to her. I dunno...could be a possibility, coudln't it? ;~)
Stuffed Animals Stuffed Animals
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Tatianna Kush

Tatianna Kush Tatianna Kush
Tatianna Kush @
I love nothing better than humiliating cuckolds and fucking black guys with super long dicks. I'm lucky because today I kill two birds with one stone. I should have hung my useless cuckold from his neck but instead decided to walk him around like the submissive dog he is. He doesn't get to touch me, oh no! If the thought cross his mind then I'll unleash some nasty black thugs to rip him apart right after they toss around their newest black cock fiend. I knew black dicks were big by the interracial porn I make my cuckold buy me but I had no idea I'd come face to face with freaks of nature. I wasn't even sure my tight white pussy would house those black snakes but doubt was erased the moment my wet clit felt black flesh . What kind of black cock slut would I be if I didn't deepthroat those meaty monsters all the way to the balls. I had my cuckold tied up so he wouldn't feel the urge to break up my party and it's a going thing because I didn't want the onslaught on black dick to stop. I untied him the moment I needed him to erase any proof that I had black DNA on me and he did it with a smile on his face. Then again, when you look like me then white guys do whatever the fuck you want.
Tatianna Kush Tatianna Kush
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Harlow Nyx – New Discovery

New Discovery

New Discovery

Meet another spectacular New SCORELAND Discovery. She's Harlow Nxy. We found this redheaded honey in Missouri and put forth the proposition that all girls are not created equal and that's why she should model for us. Harlow accepted.

Harlow plays guitar so you'll be seeing her in a Bonus video and photo shoot during a field trip away from the SCORE studio. Our crew took her out to a local guitar store and to a graffiti-covered neighborhood (she likes the grunge scene). If more big-boobed, pretty musicians played guitar with their shirts pulled up over their bras, the world would be a happier place. That would also be a good subject for a song.

Harlow had the biggest twins in school. "Most people know me because of them," says Harlow. "I usually but the biggest bras I can find that don't look terrible and hope I don't break them." For the record, Harlow's girls fit into 36G cups. "I always wear a bra in public. The only time I don't wear one is if I'm having a lazy day at home."

Harlow writes, hangs out with friends and cams at home. Girls who hang out at home in skimpy underwear or naked are the best.

"I do whatever happens to happen at the moment." Harlow's more free-spirit Seattle/Portland than Missouri. A guy could groove to her moves very easily. As the great French existential philosopher Sartre said, "Some girls compel you to jack a load out."

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Hooks Big Facial

Hooks Big Facial Hooks Big Facial
Hooks Big Facial @
My pussy is sore because I've been fucking a lot of black dick lately. I'm moody too. Some days I'm super horny, but others days I really don't want anyone near me. But today, I want Hooks to get down there with his tongue & clean my tight, puffy, pregnant pussy. After he cleaned my pussy, and fucked me silly, he glued my fucking eyes shut with his goopy sperm.
Hooks Big Facial Hooks Big Facial

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Gabriella Paltrova

Gabriella Paltrova Gabriella Paltrova
Gabriella Paltrova @
Dr. Jordan's practice is blowing up and he's in dire need of another nurse. Gabriella Paltrova is interview for the position of "Head Nurse" and Dr. Jordan's lines of interview questions lead her to blurt out that her head game is off the hook. And of course Dr.Jordan is caught completely off guard by Nurse Paltrova's "Inappropriateness", but that doesn't stop her from sucking on the good doctor's big black cock. Gabriella Paltrova works on Jovan's enormous black thermometer right before sliding it in her white pussy. The doctor's office is now being used as a den for some some insane interracial sex, and the hung black doctor is stretching out the white applicant. Nurse Paltrova asks for a big black cock in her ass and that's exactly what she gets. The nurse's backdoor gets slowly,but surely, unlocked by the power of big black dick. Dr.Jordan risks losing his medical license as he keeps pounding that white ass. There are other applicants waiting to interview for the same position, so Dr.Jordan ends this interracial anal-fuck-fest by dumping the entire contents of his balls onto her face.
Gabriella Paltrova Gabriella Paltrova
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