Cat Bangles – Cat Heats Up Any Kitchen

Cat Heats Up Any Kitchen

Cat Heats Up Any Kitchen

Cat Bangles loves to cook.

"I'm Puerto Rican, so I can cook Spanish food. I lived in the South for two years, so I can cook Southern food. You know, gravy, biscuits, macaroni and cheese and all that. I like to do a little bit of everything."

Cat was turned loose in the kitchen. And she really cooked. But not Puerto Rican dishes. Cat cooked herself. And then she used the faucet to cool off her curvy and sexy Latina body.

What does Cat think about her photos and videos at SCORELAND? It's been close to a year since she debuted.

"I love them," says Cat. "I am amazed at how sexy the photos are. I even masturbate often to my own magazines!"

That's a helluva endorsement. But the content is only as good as the girl. And Cat has the magic.

"I can't stop looking at them. So sexy! The guy I watched them with was so excited. I could see his excitement on his face and in his pants. We got so horny."

No doubt Cat cooked his goose.

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Liza Biggs – Hashtag #LizaBiggsAnal

Hashtag #LizaBiggsAnal

Hashtag #LizaBiggsAnal

An epic scene with Liza Biggs is the name of the game at SCORELAND. Liza is one of the great discoveries of the year. The real deal. It's all here in this encounter. Breast play, wet BJs, hot canoodling positions, anal fucking and a big nut for Liza's face and massive natural knockers. It's boner at first sight of this luscious lass. Go Biggs or go home, we say.

"If I'm having sex, I'm kind of aggressive," says Liza. "I'm physical. So I'll pull him towards me, force his clothes off, give commands and if he can follow, I can do what he wants. Then you can tell me what you want. Describe it to me."

"I don't think I've ever come close to suffocating anyone. There have been guys who have asked me to just put them on their faces. But they like it. They'll want me to shake them in their face, push them into their face. I get motor-boated a lot. I use them to jerk them off, too. That's something a lot of guys like."

"I know I'm good in bed. Everyone I'm with keeps coming back. Sometimes even if I don't want them to. Unlike women, who can kind of fake their way through it, guys kind of can't."

She's hip, she's hot, she's happening. She's Liza Biggs.

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Amy Anderssen – If The Bra Fits, Fuck Amy’s Tits

If The Bra Fits, Fuck Amy’s Tits

If The Bra Fits, Fuck Amy's Tits

Amy Anderssen has gone shopping. And what did Amy shop for? That garment that’s revered by all at SCORELAND. Brassieres. They hold the goodies that Amy loves so dear. She loves to shop for them. Dressing her big boobs is very important to Amy.

Amy wants to put on a private bra modeling show for Tony Rubino. He won’t need to jack to those Victoria’s Secret catalogs anymore. Not after seeing Amy’s cleavage concert and getting her to play his skin flute. But first, the warm-up.

Amy’s first choice looks too small to cover her giant jugs. “I can make it work,” says Amy. We know she will. The candy-colored pair of boulder holders Amy picks shows lots of undercleavage and doesn’t cover all of her big areolae. But ya gotta admit, her tits are thrust forward so far and pushed together, you could rest two cocktails on her boob shelf. Tony finds a place for his face in that tight space.

Amy leaves and returns with two more bras. Tony helps her put on a purple number. Amy knows breasts and brassieres so she instructs him on adjusting the fit. It doesn’t pass her test. “There’s too much give to this one,” a frowning Amy tells him. She wants to try the third one if Tony will get his mitts of her tits.

After putting on bra #3, Amy strikes a pose and asks him what he thinks, then aims her bubble booty in his direction and twerks it. Tony buries his face between her ass cheeks. She twerks her ass again against his package. He can’t take anymore.

Amy unbuckles him and engulfs his hard-on between her lips and sucks it hands-free. Her mouth drips with thick saliva strings. Laying on her back, Amy wants Tony’s cock between her super-colossal jugs first before her pinkalicious pooswaa is filled and drilled in her favorite positions.

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Carmen Hayes – Busty Pole Worker

Busty Pole Worker

Busty Pole Worker

Carmen Hayes, we salute you!

She's not a firefighter but ultra-flexible Carmen Hayes has enough pole sliding practice to be one. The busty stripper gets a customer so worked up with her body-shaking skills and huge jiggling tits that he loses his mind. Carmen decides to help him lose a load while he's still there. She meets him in the VIP room and after a couch dance, he fucks the hell out of her tight, grinding pussy in numerous positions. She turns men into crazy men.

Please also observe the greatness of Carmen's blow jobs. Sloppy, drooling deep-throat action of the best kind. Carmen does not go halfway. She goes as far south on the mark's pole as she does on the stage pole. Other models that do hardcore with men should study what Carmen does to cock. It's a shame that the yearly adult awards show in Vegas does not honor her with a best cock-sucking award. If all strippers could be like Carmen Hayes, the world would be a much better place.

Carmen told SCOREtv host Dave in episode 6 that her boob size changes depending on her body weight. She's been down to a D cup at some times. In other words, if Carmen is dieting, it's not good. "It all goes to my ass and my boobs," Carmen says. So when she's eating, her tits and butt are fine and full, up to an FF. And then there was the controversy that Carmen may have had augmentation. Carmen refuted those vicious, filthy lies by showing every inch of her big tits and there was no trace of a scar anywhere. While at it, she also showed her ability to suck on her own nipples.

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Anna Beck – Bangin’ Ms. Beck

Bangin' Ms. Beck

Bangin' Ms. Beck

After a hard day of work, a man needs a cold drink and some pussy. While we don't have any cold beverages on hand, we do have one of our favorite girls Anna Beck. And she has the cure to what ails an overworked young man. Namely, a pair of M-cup tits and a mouth and pussy that are always ready for dick.

And Novis is ready for Anna as soon as he lays eyes on her scantily clad in a light pink negligee. He hastily pulls her tits out of her bra when she makes her way over to him and sucks on her breasts while pinching her nipples. He's getting Anna so worked up that she can't even wait til they get to the bedroom to taste his cock. Novis is still standing on the other side of the balcony railing, and she pulls his pole out of his shorts and sucks on his cock between the spaces in the railing.

These two are practically eating each other alive when they finally do get to the bedroom. Anna can't keep Novis' cock out of her mouth, and when he finally slides inside her cunt, he can't keep her mountain of tits out of his mouth. They're fucking with passion and intensity; the way sex was meant to be. And when you're bangin' Ms. Beck, this is the only way sex can be.

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Kali Dreams – Batter Up

Batter Up

Batter Up

There are no angels in this outfield, but there's a dime piece in the infield. And she's a dream cum true, too. Her name is Kali Dreams, and she's a chocolate-skinned phat-assed chick from the Bay Area. Baseball is part of life over there with the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants playing just miles away from each other, so we had to deck Kali out in the skimpiest baseball uniform ever stitched together. And, of course, we introduced her to Carlos, one of our most athletic cocksmen, who happens to have a giant baseball bat hidden in his pants.

"Who's that?" Kali says when she notices Carlos making his way towards her. "He looks like a baseball player."

Well, Carlos is definitely ready to step up to the plate and knock this pussy out of the park. And he's even kind enough to batter her ass up with his hot man-juice, too.

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Harlow Nyx – The Girl From The Show-Me State

The Girl From The Show-Me State

The Girl From The Show-Me State

Harlow Nyx is a hottie from the "Show-Me State" and that's exactly what she does. Harlow has a curvy, sexy body, big natural tits and a pretty face. Add to all that a red-hot sex drive in third gear, and she's not shy about showing her stuff or talking about it. All of these qualities and she likes to tell bedtime stories about her sexual peccadilloes. No neck kissing for Harlow. She's bad and proud of it. In her most recent XXX scene, she told Tony right off the snap, "I don't really want to get to know you. I just wanna fuck."

"I was not the blow job girl," Harlow told us. "I was more the park-bench sex girl. Or the slide. Or the back seat of my car. You have to be really good to get a blow job from me. Back then, anyway. I was a good girl in high school. I only fucked. If you wanted a blow job from me, you had to stick around for a while. I'm really good at giving them, so I'm not going to bless you with a blow job unless you're going to do something for me. Literally, my friend's ex was like, 'Why don't you suck on it, girl?' And I was like, 'You have to have something to keep me coming back.' He had a really, really big dick, and he was my best friend's ex-boyfriend, and he came over and was talking to me like, 'I'm so sad. I miss her so much.' And I was like, 'Well, I've heard some things about you. Big cock things. And we went and did things in my bedroom.'"

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Chery Leigh – How to get into Chery Leigh’s ass

How to get into Chery Leigh's ass

How to get into Chery Leigh's ass

This video, Chery's third at, opens with the 56-year-old wife and mom from Florida being interviewed and giving us helpful tips on how to properly fuck her ass.

"Fuck that pussy then fuck the ass," she says. "You could end up doing nothing but anal but...I'm gonna have to just show you."

So Rocky, who's 24 years old, sits on the bed next to Chery, and she shows him. Well, eventually she shows him. First she sucks his cock. Then he eats her pussy. Then he eats her pussy while fingering her asshole (that's one of Chery's tips). Then he fucks her asshole in four positions (count 'em!) before cumming on her asshole.

Can you do what Rocky did? We're sure you could. It's easy when you have a MILF like Chery guiding you.

"Don't be shy," Chery said. "Just talk to me. Act yourself. Being a gentleman goes a long way."

A long way towards getting into Chery's asshole, that is.

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Charli Maverick – Sexy Stream

Sexy Stream

Sexy Stream

Charli must've drank a ton of water, because that's quite the stream of piss she unleashes! She even soaks her sandals while squatting in the backyard to pee. After relieving her bladder of some pressure, she's free to do what she's been craving--get naked and fondle her pussy while you watch her through the window like a pervy voyeur.

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Satine Spark – Milk & Honey Bush

Milk & Honey Bush

Milk & Honey Bush

We've got a confession. Satine is a model. She's done a couple of videos before. But when one of our buddies in England called us and let us know that he had a natural blonde with a full milk and honey bush that wanted to shoot some dirty content, we didn't hesitate. We told him to book her immediately. She's only done a couple of shoots, so she isn't a full-fledged porn actress. She's still got that naivety and amateur silliness to her. You'll see what we mean.

Satine is 24 years old and lives in Corby, England. She's got a flat with her boyfriend and their two cats. She's 5'3" and weighs 133 pounds. Of course, we're not sure if that weight reflects the size of her considerable bush! She's just graduated from University and is still looking for a job in her chosen profession. In the meantime, she's keeping busy. "I masturbate every morning and I shag my guy almost every evening," she told our buddy who shot this video.

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