Barbara Angel – Busty Brunettes Cum First

Busty Brunettes Cum First

Busty Brunettes Cum First

In a relatively short span, Barbara Angel (December '14 Voluptuous) has gone from a totally new SCORELAND Girl who had never done anything on-cam before to a very experienced model. She has never been a nudist, a dancer or a model or gotten naked for a boyfriend's camera. Now she poses naked, masturbates and does boy-girl scenes as if she's been doing it for years. In fact, Barbara has only been modeling since June 2014. She's an amazing girl.

A happy-go-lucky babe who's always smiling and upbeat, and true girlfriend material, Barbara is into total tit play before she spreads her pussy wide so we can see deep inside. She flicks her bean and diddles her pink slit, licking her finger so she can slide it in better.

After playing a tune on her squeeze box, Barbara gets her hands on a cock-shaped toy. She looks at it like it's a holiday gift. She's got toy skills and plugs her wet pussy deep in different positions. Angel baby cums good and hard. The huge smile she sports says it all. Barbara is really enjoying the entire experience, from playing for the camera to seeing her pictures and videos.

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Demmi Valentine – Room Service For A Busty Bad Girl

Room Service For A Busty Bad Girl

Room Service For A Busty Bad Girl

Demmi Valentine is planning a party and finds that the hired bartender serving her a cocktail wants to have a party in her panties. He signals his intentions by squeezing Demmi's buttcheeks and dry-humping her from behind right there in the kitchen. For a woman like Demmi, hard help is good to find.

Rocky violates company policy by goosing this client. Her big boobs and shapely figure are irresistible. That suits Demmi just fine. She's up for some action right now so it won't take long for Rocky to get up and in Demmi. He pulls down her dress and brassiere and gets to sucking and licking her nipples.

All of the lip-locking on Demmi's big tits pushes her over the cliff. She kneels down, takes his cock out and opens her mouth to swallow it. They both strip off. Demmi leaves her heels and panties on. Rocky gets on the floor and Demmi kneels over him to continue sucking his swizzle stick, making loud slurping sounds.

After tossing off her panties, Demmi stands over him and lowers herself, sticking his dick up her hot, tight pussy. They build up a pumping rhythm, Rocky seizing Demmi's ass cheeks and forcefully controlling her as she slides up and down his pole.

Next we see a different side of Demmi when she flips her position and fucks him in a reverse cowgirl, leaning back, her boobs splayed. The room fills with her cries of "Oh, god" and moans as his thick tool parts her lips and stuffs her wet pussy, filling it totally. But Demmi's quickie fling is far from over. Rocky wants to fuck Demmi some more and try more positions. By the time they cum, Demmi will have been completely serviced, her big jugs slathered in hot man-juice. This company aims to please.

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Brianna Beach – Neighborly Legs

Neighborly Legs

Neighborly Legs

Brianna hates doing chores, so when she spies her peeping Tom neighbor looking at her legs with lust in his eyes, she decides to put his lust to good use. She tells him to carry her laundry home and then she makes him watch her legs strut and sway while he toils with his burden. But Brianna is not a cruel mistress. She repays his work with a little work of her giving him a naughty foot job, blow job and then straddling his wood for a deep drilling. She lets him coat her shrimps with his cum because she is feeling very neighborly.

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SinFul Celeste – Her Favorite Sin

Her Favorite Sin

Her Favorite Sin

Sinful Celeste shows again why she’s so sinful.

Her scene starts off with Celeste sucking JMac’s finger, a prelude to the cock-sucking to come. She’s got a leash around her neck but she doesn’t need to be disciplined or trained. Celeste knows all there is to know about man pleasing and male satisfaction.

In a few minutes, Celeste is kneeling and blowing Jmac. He has her by the back of her head and keeps the leash taut as she gargles his cock. Her big tits and deep cleavage are ready to be fucked. She sticks her pink tongue out to lick the head of his cock on the upstroke through her titty tunnel. She cups her big tits and holds them tight as he bones her quivering big boobs.

JMac gets on the couch and signals Celeste to come over to him. She sucks and jacks his dick some more, then climbs on board to be impaled in a cowgirl fuck. With one mighty lift, he picks up Celeste, his cock inside her and fucks her standing up which drives his prick even deeper into her cunt.

JMac puts her down on the settee, gets her ass up and smacks it, then plunges his dick into her pussy from behind. They move to a missionary fuck, another cowgirl and then the power position, the pile-driver.

This pile-driver position gives the guy tremendous leverage and driving energy. After deeply ramming Celeste’s ass in the pile driver, he blows his load right into her open, waiting mouth as she tickles his bag. That’s one happy meal Celeste won’t forget too quickly!

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Sarah Rae – “Respect My Titties!”

"Respect My Titties!"

The ever-lovable Sarah Rae says she comes from a place called "Big Titty Island." We've never heard of this place, but with all due respect to Disney, we'd call it the Magic Kingdom and The Happiest Place on Earth. We'd nestle into a nice piece of supple titty real estate and never leave.

Sarah Rae has the type of tits we'd love to be nestled in between. Our scene opens with our cameraman standing above Sarah as she bounces her tits for the camera. With as much tit flesh as she's working with, she could cause a small twister with the gusts of wind she creates with each booby juggle. And we'd love nothing more than to be caught in its wake.

"Do you like how my big tits bounce?" She asks smiling brightly into the camera. "They're so big."

We could watch this all day, but the good thing about hanging out with Sarah is that she gets better, hotter and naughtier the more time you spend with her. She's already one of the greatest self-sucklers of all-time and she's near the top in dirty talking, too. After peeling her clothes off, fondling her tits and teasing her hard nips, Sarah begins stroking her pussy. It's dripping wet and she's begging for cock.

"I want your cock inside me. I want you to make me cum," Sarah says. "Make me cum all over your big cock."

Oh, how we wish we could, Sarah. But watching her get off right here is pretty damn hot, too. While stroking her clit and fingering her pussy, her tits are bouncing like there is a cock inside her. "Oh, that's so good," she says coming down from her climax.

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Shelby Gibson – Stacked In Swimsuits

Stacked In Swimsuits

Stacked In Swimsuits

Shelby Gibson, SCORE WILF, introduced herself with a bra and panties show and also surprised everyone with a bushy pussy in a time when most models have a close shave. She returned to bust out in tight tops.

Now the former Hooters waitress and wife of a longtime SCORE magazine reader shows her moves in a variety of extreme swimsuits. Would Shelby actually wear these at a public beach or pool? Would she wear them at a private resort? Would she even wear them at all in any kind of public place?

Yes to all of the above! Shelby is a woman who is proud of her super-slim and super-stacked figure and proud to show it at SCORE. Because Shelby wanted to and her hub is a very generous member of the Boob Brotherhood. We know that many husbands wouldn't want their busty wives to model for anyone but themselves at home.

A beaming Shelby talks about how she feels when guys check her out. Some whistle. Some bark. Some try to chat her up. They all do double or triple takes regardless of the sounds they might make. Sometimes the women can be catty and jealous, something many other SCORE Girls have faced.

After showing the suits and talking about each one, and the reactions they create, Shelby heads inside to do something that the guys at the beach fantasize about her doing.

We asked Shelby about the suits she wears in this scene and other important questions.

SCORE: Shelby, out of the swimsuits you modeled, which one was your favorite, if any, and why?

Shelby: The white one and the blue one were my favorites. They made me feel incredibly sexy and desirable.

SCORE: Which one(s) would you never wear in public?

Shelby: The red microkini was fun for the shoot but I would never wear it in public.

SCORE: Which suits would you wear to a resort for adults or a private beach or pool?

Shelby: I would definitely wear the white one and the blue one.

SCORE: What's your favorite style of swimsuit, in general?

Shelby: The right monokini emphasizes my assets the best.

SCORE: Have you ever worn any suits like these to a public beach? If you did, what kind of reactions did you get?

Shelby: Yes, I've worn monokinis like the blue one on the beach. It's a lot of fun because I get lots of head turning and long looks. LOTS of attention!

SCORE: What companies and brands do you buy your swimsuits from?

Shelby: Custom-made is really my only option because off the rack just doesn't fit.

SCORE: Do you do a lot of bikini modeling at home for fun, indoors or outdoors?

Shelby: Some. It's so much fun and a real turn-on.

SCORE: Do you always wear heels with your swimsuits?

Shelby: Not on the beach of course but heels are good on the way to the beach and after. I get even more attention!

SCORE: What criteria does a suit need to meet before you buy it?

Shelby: It needs to turn heads and drop jaws!

SCORE: Thank you, Shelby!

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Simply Beautiful, Wednesday 12/17

A woman's insecurity can be turned around to make her feel powerful and sexy with explosive results. That's the premise of Simply Beautiful, our next upcoming film.

Luscious Lola Foxx repays her man's compliments with total sexual abandon. I really enjoy the way that she guides his hand exactly where she wants it to go, and I'm always a fan of watching this hot number take charge with a long and wild cowgirl ride.

We will release Simply Beautiful on Wednesday, December 17. Definitely check back to enjoy Lola as she lets her sensuality show.