Kimmie Kaboom – Wine & Dine

Wine & Dine

Wine & Dine

Wow! This is like being on a dinner date with Kimmie Kaboom.

First, a glass of wine. And then, Kimmie gets frisky, showing you her massive, massive melons and then placing them on the table.

Meanwhile, under the table, Kimmie's shifted aside her panties and is playing with her pink pussy, rubbing and spanking it. It's worth crawling under the table for a closer look. Isn't she the bold one.

Kimmie needs to get really comfortable so she stands up, drops her dress and shoves her big tits in your face. She turns and does the same with her booty. There's a rug near the table. It's a good place for Kimmie to lay down and stretch out. She's hot and she needs to get her cookies baked!

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Snow Wolf

Spring is finally over and Nikki is so hot in her snow wolf outfit, she can melt all the snow

Valory Irene – The Tight Bodysuit

The Tight Bodysuit

The Tight Bodysuit

The room is ready, Valory Irene is waiting. Looking breathtaking in a black netted bodysuit and FM heels, she lays back on her soft bed and runs her hands all over her gorgeous body. Now that you're here, she can begin. She feels her soft, pink pussy, exposed by the open crotch of this sexy outfit. Her large, natural tits are beautiful and she cannot keep her fingers off them.

Valory removes her bodysuit so she can feel her velvety smooth, sweet-smelling skin. Her fingers deftly glide through her fur-covered pussy. Yes, she has kept much of her bush in this video instead of shaving it bald. With her bodysuit off, and totally nude, Valory's tits splay naturally to the sides.

As she pleasures her gorgeous body, Valory reflects on the path that she has followed, from a girl with a routine job living with her family to becoming an international big-bust star. She begins to insert her middle finger into her increasingly wet snatch. Rubbing the inner walls of her pussy, stimulating her clitoris and speeding up her strokes, Valory's journey to orgasmic nirvana is almost complete.

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Lisa Tiffian

Lisa Tiffian Lisa Tiffian
Lisa Tiffian @
Cheaters. We all know a few. Heck, you might be a cheater, too. If so, you've probably come up with some pretty crazy lies in order to get away with your bad behavior. You've probably been told some incredible lies, too. Wait until you hear some of the shit that comes out of Lisa Tiffian's mouth. She's heading to an adult bookstore to rent one of those private viewing booths, and, right before your very eyes, she's going to tell her man she's "out with the girls shopping" and "having lunch" whiles she's behaving like the white-cock slut she is. Moral of the story? Next time your gal is telling you she's out "having Mimosas" with her girlfriends, and you hear the slurping sounds, better thank twice about what she's actually slurping on.
Lisa Tiffian Lisa Tiffian

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Sandra Star – Wunderbar!



Wow! It's been four years. You haven't forgotten Sandra Star, have you? Sandra is the former university student who sent her pictures to the German edition, Hot SCORE and won the title of Miss Hot SCORE 2010. Sandra also won a photo shoot which resulted in two thrilling boy-girl scenes in addition to her solo shoots. Sandra didn't have to "act" or memorize a script. She simply did what came naturally to her and what came naturally to her also included horny anal sex. Sandra is an awesome sex partner.

All together, Sandra appeared in four editions of SCORE magazine and the DVDs Big Tit A-List 2 and The Breast of SCORELAND 2. Sandra's very first interview can be seen in "Meet Sandra Star, Miss Hot SCORE Germany."

Now Sandra Star is back and bustier.

Just a few weeks ago, an email arrived from Sandra. Would SCORE like to photograph her again? Something changed. Sandra was very busty, slim and stacked before. Now she's much bustier and still as sexy and beautiful as ever.

Wearing a yellow crop top, tight shorts, thong panties and heels, Sandra enters the room. She looks incredible. A vision of slim and stacked sexual heaven. Every inch a SCORE Girl. Her big boobs were a handful before. Now they are super-huge.

Sandra slowly does a striptease show until she's completely naked in heels. She gets comfortable in a chair and, purring like the sex kitten she is, faps her pussy with her toy and fingers her butthole until liftoff is achieved.

SCORE Theater features a separate video chat with beautiful Sandra in her charming accented English. The next time you see Sandra, she'll be sexing with a stud. Welcome back, Sandra Star.

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Anastasia Lux – Hardcore Heat For A Busty Brunette

Hardcore Heat For A Busty Brunette

Hardcore Heat For A Busty Brunette

Anastasia Lux is eager to make a night of it with Leny who's just walked in the door. She's been waiting for him and she's horny. Her big, fantastic boobs are bulging under her low-cut dress. Two bosom beacons that draw you in like magnets attracting metal. Leny's reclining in a chair and Anastasia makes her move on him, ready to unbuckle his belt. He stops her. No, he's not crazy.

Leny tells her that he wants Anastasia to strip for him first. He wants to see Anastasia's voluptuously sexy body and her beautiful big tits. Anastasia laughs but she agrees. She lowers the spangly top, her tits encased in a red bra. She lowers the straps off her shoulders, unhooks and drops her brassiere to the floor. It's an "Oh, my god!" moment. Perfect boobs with pointy nipples. Heavy and full. Leny dives for them and sucks her nipples hard. Anastasia holds the back of his head and pulls him in tight.

Anastasia hovers over him and jacks him while he's savoring the taste and scent of her miraculous mams. She lowers herself and wraps her tits around the hand that's stroking his cock. Spit drips from between her lips and lands on his cock for a natural lube. She slaps his dick against her fleshy naturals repeatedly. The wet sounds of cock spanking breasts are worthy of a new category of music.

The triple play of tit-fucking, blow job and jacking continues with Leny standing and Anastasia sitting. She diligently jerks him between her big tits and sucks his wang, spitting with a popping sound, until the point of no return is reached. Anastasia gets into a doggie pose and Leny comes from behind to penetrate her tight pussy for the first stage of their hard-pounding coupling. Anastasia is a screamer and the more she screams, the harder Leny gives it to the busty Brit.

Anastasia's first hardcore scene is a winner. You knew it would be from the moment she appeared at SCORELAND. Anastasia has lusty written all over her!

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Neecie Hardy – Nice Neecie

Nice Neecie

Nice Neecie

Shaggy is one lucky son of a bitch. He gets to come home to a dime piece like Neecie Hardy, and she's perched on his bed face down, ass up and ready to fuck. She's making her ass clap, too, and if buns could talk, Neecie's would be saying, "Cum and get it."

Shaggy begins with some booty spanking and ass worship before he slips Neecie's panties off and begins fingering her juicy cunt. She's already dripping wet.

"You like that tight pussy?" she asks.

Shaggy pulls out his throbbing hard cock and stuffs it into her mouth as if to say yes. He then fucks her cowgirl, missionary and doggystyle before shooting a hot load of jizz all over her phat trunk.

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Helena – Carried Away Anal

Carried Away Anal

Carried Away Anal

Here's a porn industry secret: People are fucking all of the time. We're not talking about fucking on-camera, although there is plenty of that, we mean off-camera. This is especially true for first-timers and amateurs. They get caught up in the excitement of filming their first porno scene and they get carried away. We tell these amateurs, girls like Helena from Detroit, that they're allowed to fuck anybody they want (as long as all parties agree), but if it's in our studios, we're going to film it.

That's what happened with Helena. She was flirting with Mirko Steel, a porno veteran, backstage after shooting her very first scene. She was smitten immediately, so she took him into the bathroom. At first, they didn't notice our camera operator in the next stall. They noticed him by the time Mirko's big dick was planted firmly in Helena's tight asshole. They were caught up in the moment by that time, though!

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Bella Blaze – Burning Down The House

Burning Down The House

Burning Down The House

Beautiful Bella's X-Date is Largo, a tit-man who can't wait to get his fingers on the slim-n-stacked brunette's sizzling body and his pipe between her torrid tits. Bella's decked out in that old-school yet very essential outfit, a lacey bra and panty set. Very traditional, very men's mag.

Bella begins the blaze in Largo's pants by holding her bra-cupped hooters and rubbing them up and down the front of his trousers. Bella's fragile bra and panties are stripped off her body. He plays with her tits like toys while sticking a hand below to rub her triangle of pleasure, inserting a finger into her instant-open snatch-hole.

Bella responds by gripping the base of his cock and sticking the beef into her mouth. Largo lies back on the bed so Bella can stretch out alongside him and suck and tit-fuck his aching meat. Every slurp, every scorching tit-stroke is heaven.

Bella gets up and positions her soaked cunt to slide into a reverse cowgirl fuck so you can see her tits swing and bounce while she bounces. Let the flames of fiery fornicating begin! That's right, baby, spread your sweet cunt lips for Largo's hose so he can put out the fire!

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Anna Beck – Anna’s First 3Some

Anna's First 3Some

Anna's First 3Some

Anna Beck is too sexy. She's so sexy, it's often hard to find the words to describe her. She's a classic beauty with her combination of dark hair, fair skin and full lips. But that doesn't tell the whole story. Her M-cup naturals are near-perfect, too, and they are the reason why she's here. But even that doesn't fully explain what makes Anna so alluring. It's something subtle. Anna has an intensity rarely seen when you put her in front of a camera. And if there's a hung cocksman with her in front of the camera, Anna's sexual energy only grows more intense.

Anna's hot enough that watching her solo could easily satisfy us, and hot enough that taking one cock will leave us waking up from wet dreams sticky. But a woman like this deserves something more--and we gave it to her. She has a pair of horny stallions ready to give Anna the best fuck of her life and give us one of the hottest XXX scenes of the year.

We're not sure who's more excited when this scene begins--we or Anna. She shuffles between her two cocksmen and plants kisses on them. They return the favor as each lifts up one of her massive hooters to his mouth and sucks on her nipple.

This is one of the most intense scenes you'll ever jerk to, and the passion is high. You'll be cumming back to this one again and again.

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