Sashaa Juggs – The Juggs For The Job

The Juggs For The Job

The Juggs For The Job

The personnel manager interviewing Sashaa Juggs for a new position soon finds he has one of the greatest jobs in the world, not that he gets applicants as built as Sashaa every day of the week.

This interview is going especially well for both of them. Sashaa is a girl who knows what she wants and how to get ahead as well as give great head. "I go slow and keep it really wet and sloppy," Sashaa said about giving head. "And I can deepthroat. I saw it in porn and tried it and got better with practice. I like to draw it out and have the guy begging me to cum, but I won't let him till I decide to finish him off. Then I swallow it all."

That's exactly what's next for this couple as they move from the table to the couch. There's only so much big-jug titillation a guy can take before he needs to take action and Sashaa is very encouraging. Under the big clock, Sashaa gets big cock. And Sashaa has the huge tits for a big rod. Now that he's hired Sashaa after a post-interview poking, that couch is going to get plenty of use in the future. She's got the jugs for the job.

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Sandra Milka – She’s Gotta Spank It, Spank It Good

She's Gotta Spank It, Spank It Good

She's Gotta Spank It, Spank It Good

Sandra Milka likes fucking in public. Is it the fact that she might be seen by random strangers? Is it the danger and the chance of getting busted? Who knows?

She says she's fulfilled all her sexual fantasies. There's always sex in outer space when commercial flights become a reality in the future, Sandra.

Raised in ultra-conservative Spain, Sandra's boobs began to sprout when she hit 16. "I usually wear a bra," says Sandra. "I can buy them in normal shops. I don't need to have anything special done to them. Guys ask me if they can go with me when I buy clothes and underwear." No surprise about that.

"I couldn't help but notice your eye contact with the camera is exceptional. Keep up the good work," comments a SCORELAND member. Like Marta La Croft, another import from Spain, Sandra has "Spanish Eyes." They also both like to eye-bang the camera. That's not quite the same as looking into the lens.

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Danielle Brooks – Danielle and the neighbor

Danielle and the neighbor

Danielle and the neighbor

The story here is very basic.

Danielle Brooks is upset. Her husband isn't giving her what she wants. We're not talking about money. We're talking about cock.

So she invites Tony over to her house. He's been her neighbor for 15 years. She complains about her man.

Tony can't believe that this douchebag isn't paying attention to this hot piece of ass.

Danielle tells him that she suggested a threesome to her hubby with Tony as the other guy.

Tony decides to not wait for the threesome and has a twosome with Danielle right then and there, in her kitchen.

And that's the story of 48-year-old Danielle's first fuck video at

Danielle is from Florida. She's a mom. She's an actress and a singer. We hope Tony didn't ruin her voice by fucking her throat. She isn't a nudist or a swinger. She's just a regular, sexy woman who you might see at the store, but she has needs.

"I love the idea of so many guys watching me having sex and masturbating to my pictures and videos," Danielle said.

Satisfy her need, gentlemen.

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Trillium – What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath

We're sure all the guys who went to school with Trillium wondered what she looked like under her clothes and how she played with herself until she came. Most of them probably never found out, but at least you can. Her body is curvy and milky-white, her tits are small and perky with pale nipples. Her pussy is shaved and her lips protrude just the perfect amount. You can tell that Trill is a clit girl by the way she diddles her button. And once the camera zooms in, you can see why. She's got a big clit! "A big clit for big orgasms," she told us. We may know the mysteries of her body now, but that doesn't stop us from wanting more.

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Angelica – Foot Bath

Foot Bath

Foot Bath

Angelica Meow takes her feet seriously. Her soles are sensitive and can only be cared for by the best of pedicure technicians, and that's who she demands be sent to her. He arrives late and tries to appease the demanding diva by rubbing her feet, but it's not enough. She commands him to suck her toes, and he does so with pleasure. She rewards him by using her toes to play with his balls. After stroking his cock with her delicate peds, she allows his cock entry into her tight fuckhole.

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Porsche Dali – Burger & Boob Joint

Burger & Boob Joint

Burger & Boob Joint

Lester and Karl have hit the local burger joint. Lester has heard that the waitresses at this place are fine, foxy, full-bodied and fun. And he heard right. Porsche Dali is one of these perky, happy and bouncy burger babes and she serves to please. You can't always have it your way but here you can. Just what a guy wants and needs.

The guys are suddenly not interested in their food when giggly and chatty Porsche bends over and her extra-big tits poke out from under her pink uniform. They're now more interested in seeing more of her huge knockers so Porsche gives 'em what they want. That's customer service! The best!

Porsche keeps bouncing and jiggling when she talks about the big game the other day. Did the guys see her on TV? The more excited she gets, the more of her uniform comes off until she's down to her cap and shoes. She really deserves a great big tip and we don't mean money.

Porsche proceeds to give them, and you, the best damn service ever seen in a fast food place, much better than the competition down the block. Do you know a burger joint where the waitresses play with their big tits and wet pussies at the counter? Didn't think so!

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Alicia Rivers

Alicia Rivers Alicia Rivers
Alicia Rivers @
Step into one of the most notorious gloryholes in all of Southern California with new cummer Alicia Rivers. She's a Latina with eye-popping, all-natural 34DD's!! And she's about to do something "crazy" by walking into an adult bookshop, choosing a DVD, renting a preview room, then watching it...while she waits. We all know what she's waiting for, and when it arrives, Alicia's just as surprised as anyone. The dick is huge, and Alicia's about to drop to her knees and service it. It's as random as random gets, as anonymous as anonymous gets, and when it's all said and done, Alicia swallows every drop before leaving the place. The only thing to worry about then is her "guilty shuffle" as she faces the customers that know exactly what went down in that booth.
Alicia Rivers Alicia Rivers
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Mia Scarlett – Youngest Swinger Ever

Youngest Swinger Ever

Youngest Swinger Ever

Mia's boyfriend sent her into our studio because they're swingers. At 18, she's the youngest fucking swinger we've ever met. Also, having a boyfriend recommend that his girlfriend get fucked by a professional cocksman is something that doesn't usually happen to us at That's more common with SCORE Group's MILF sites.

Listen, guys, you've got to check out this interview. Mia's incredible. She's sexual, flirtatious and she's got a great body.

After we have a little chat, Mia starts sucking a stud's cock. She's good at it, too. Then she pulls down her little panties and takes that rod deep into her young, tight cunt. Soon she's riding that dick and letting it pound her G-spot. You can tell she loves deep, hard penetration. She finishes her first-ever scene by taking a humongous load all over her face. The cum hits her so hard, her head ricochets backwards and her eyes go wide.

Her boyfriend is the luckiest guy in the world.

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Alyssa Lynn – Cum In Alyssa

Cum In Alyssa

Cum In Alyssa

As soon as Tony DeSergio sees Alyssa Lynn in a tight, low-cut dress, her big tits forming a boob shelf, any plans to leave are over. His hands are practically glued to the knockers of this walking, talking wet dream.

Alyssa seizes the moment herself, dropping to her knees to give Tony's dick and balls a thorough sucking and licking. They move to the couch so Alyssa can get her slim and tight body into a doggie position and wet her whistle some more on his horn. He spanks her pert ass hard as Alyssa strokes and sucks, making popping and juicy sounds.

Alyssa lies back so Tony can drive his skin-bus through her titty-tunnel. She's pumped fast and hard and when the head of his cock reaches Alyssa's mouth, she snakes her pink tongue out to lick it and suck it like a lollipop. By now, a lot of guys would have shot their loads just from her throat and big boobs but Tony is in control and in control of Alyssa.

After Tony parts her pussy lips and eats her out, her pink taco glistens, ready to be fucked. Tony rams the hot lap dancer like a human jackhammer, relentlessly pounding her. The only sounds are Alyssa's loud cries and the slapping of skin against skin until her snatch is spermed and Alyssa is totally dick-drunk.

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